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Videoclip de la Canción Cosmic Girl del Disco (1996) Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving

Muy buenas,
Recuerdo haber visto este videoclip de crío cuando lo echaban en la tele pero hace poco un amigo (gracias, YoShImUrA!) me informó de que hay varias versiones:

Más info:
The video, directed by Adrian Moat, shows three famous supercars driving and racing each other through several highways and mountain roads across a desert landscape from clear day-light to dawn. The cars on the video are a black Ferrari F355 berlinetta, a purple Lamborghini Diablo SE30 and a red Ferrari F40. Jay Kay appears to be driving the purple Lamborghini with Stuart Zender on the co-pilot seat, but the drivers of the other cars are not shown in detail. It has four different edits: Versions 1-3, and the so called 'Jay's cut' version. Before filming, Jay's Diablo had to be shipped overseas for the video shoot. Apparently, the company which was hired to transport the car had a driver that was keen to drive the car. Jay let the guy drive the car, but he was involved in an accident which wrecked the car, rendering the $239,000 car completely unusable. The car that appears in the video was rented from a local collector. The F40 was provided by the Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, who drove in the video as well. While filming, the driver's side window in Jay Kay's Lamborghini was accidentally smashed. Due to the tight timescales involved, the video was still shot, but with the window removed. This is why Jay Kay appears to be driving around the desert late at night with his windows down. Jay Kay mentioned in an interview that the Lamborghini had its windscreen removed to aid with the filming, due to space limitations inside, and the windscreen angle from outside. The missing windscreen can be seen when the Lamborghini overtakes the black Ferrari on an uphill shot. The video was filmed at the Cabo de Gata, in Spain.
El pobre Diablo tal y como quedó:

Videoclip oficial:

Y una de las versiones alternativas (donde se oyen mejor los coches), de paso, subtitulada:

P.D: Otra?

Cómo se lo pasan! Ja, ja, ja!!!

Actualización a 21/01/2014: Vaya, me acabo de enterar (gracias, NPulsar!) de que suele colgar videos conduciendo en su página web y canal de Youtube:

Actualización a 07/03/2017: Vaya, vaya!

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