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Hellfest 2015!!!

Muy buenas,
Acabo de leer lo siguiente:

16 Septembre 2014
We are proud to inform you that the 10th Hellfest edition will take place on June 19th-20th-21st 2015 in Clisson (France). As usual, on FRIDAY 19th we will open the special discounts sells (-35%) but only a few tickets will be available . We obviously know you are all impatient to know who will be the first confirmed artists but we are not able to reveal the first names that will appear on our line up 2015 yet. Please be patient and we will try to be worthy of your trust to proudly celebrate our tenth anniversary!
A pesar de que no se sabe NADA sobre el cartel, resulta que será el décimo aniversario y este mismo viernes 19 de Septiembre se ponen a la venta algunas entradas con un 35% de descuento!
Podríamos intentar compensar la ruina que hemos hecho con las entradas este año:

P.D: No llegamos a tanto pero vamos por nuestro noveno año seguido!

Ja, ja, ja!!!

Crónica del 2013: http://viviendoapesardelacrisis.blogspot.com.es/2013/05/hellfest-2013.html
Y 2014: http://viviendoapesardelacrisis.blogspot.com.es/2013/11/hellfest-2014.html

Actualización a 19/09/2014: La vírgen! La que han liado!
Ayer por la noche comprobé si las entradas se ponían a la venta a las 00:00 pero, no.
Esta mañana la gente andaba como loca actualizando las páginas del Hellfest y Digitick hasta que ha surgido un rumor en Facebook diciendo que las entradas estarían disponibles a partir de las 12:00.
Pues, bien. a las 12 y poco ya había una buena cola:

Y, a pesar de que la cosa iba rápida (o, precisamente por éso):


Putain! Ja, ja, ja!!!

Bueno, nos queda estar al loro de cuando salen los bonos de 3 días y espabilar para que no nos pase como este año.

Actualización a 17/11/2014: La semana pasada un amigo (gracias, Egoitz!) me avisaba de que se comentaba por Facebook que esta semana se anunciaban las primeras bandas y ponían las entradas a la venta. Se me ha ocurrido mirar ahora, por curiosidad y:

Falta una hora.

Edit: Vale, ya está:

Lo vamos hablando.

Actualización a 25/11/2014: La vírgen! Me acaban de avisar de que las entradas están volando:

Lunes, 24 de noviembre 2014
Ya pasado 2/3 de entradas!

Le prometimos para mantenerlo informado sobre los avances del billete, consciente de que una semana corta será suficiente para vender más de dos tercios de la Pass disponible! Hellfest nunca había conocido a las ventas de partida como un relámpago, y si seguimos a este ritmo, es probable que el festival anuncia "vendió" antes de la temporada de fiestas de fin de año, por lo que no se demore!
Bueno, lo hemos hablado hace un rato por Whatsapp y hemos decidido pillar las entradas a pesar de que, por ahora, no nos convence el cartel (quedan unos 30 grupos por anunciar).
En caso de que resulte un fiasco, siempre se podrán vender!

Actualización a 24/02/2015: Por supuesto, hace tiempo que se agotaron las entradas:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Here we are: about twenty days will have been enough for all the Hellfest 3 days passes to be sold! It's the first time this happens: having to announce that the festival is "sold out" before Christmas! However, as we promised you, we managed to keep some one-day tickets. They should be available by the beginning of January, as well as all the necessary details that will allow you to make a choice between Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Note that not everyone will be able to purchase these "last chance" tickets, so you will have to struggle to obtain yours before other people, everything will probably happen in just a few minutes!

Within only 10 years, all together, we managed to impose our common passion of rock and metal on the podium of the big french and european festivals, and all of us can be proud of this! With this new record, Hellfest proves once more how faithful its fans are. We thank you again for having followed and supported us during this last decade. We will welcome you on 19th, 20th and 21st of June 2015, in Clisson with new surprises, to blow the candle of Hellfest 10th anniversary!


Y algunos grupos más interesantes para mí a última hora!

Actualización a 25/02/2015: SUPONGO que cartel definitivo ya:

Actualización a 13/05/2015: Acabamos de proponer el finde del 27-28 de Junio (la siguiente semana al Hellfest de este año) para tratar de hacer el salto en paracaídas de una vez:

Actualización a 27/05/2015: Libreto oficial:

Actualización a 09/06/205: Ok, ya voy marcando...

Actualización a 23/06/2015: Ok, ya estamos de vuelta! Empiezo a subir fotos y a preparar mi crítica.


-Shape of Despair:



-Dying Fetus:




-Superjoint Ritual:


Actualización a 26/06/2015: No te hode! No nos paramos a ver una moto en el Hellfest y llevaba una pegata del Wheels & Waves?!?
Estuvimos charlando con el dueño y un colega y estuvieron en Jaizkibel!

Actualización a 06/08/2015: Algunos datos:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Hellfest 2015 : THANK YOU!

Our 10th edition is already finished, our « warriors » are working hard to clean up the site of the festival. We would like to thank each and every one of you for this mighty edition, which draws a mark on Hellfest’s history !

You were 150.000 « metalheads » from all countries and styles, and drank more than 2 600 hectoliters of beer (another record !)

For a better organisation in 2016, we would like to hear your critics (both positive and negative). Thus you are welcome to tell us what you think about this edition.

However, we also knew that there were some problems during this week-end, and to silence rumors, here are some precisions :

-Mainstages : sound issues happened on the mainstages during some shows. Despite the intervention of our « Hell’ectronicians », the power supplies went down, due to electrical overload. We apologise for this unpleasant situation. We also promise to take all the measures to avoid this problem next year.

-Cashless : some of you got problems with your cards. Our team of volunteers has taken time to check every situation and find a solution. Cashless – as we said before the festival – was effective for bars (alcohol and alcohol-free) and Hellsnack (near the wheel and at the Altar/Temple Bar), but Merch, Extrem Market and other food places were not concerned by the cashless system. If you still have money on your card, you could use it next year with no problems.

-Warzone : the tiniest stage of the festival was a victim of its success for many shows… We understand that the area is too small, but we are at the limits of our expansion on the technical point. However we are working on a new solution about this stage, which represents the roots of the festival. Concerning Body Count, the band was not available for an another slot on the running order, and we already booked the bands on the mainstages when we added Body Count to the line-up.

-NOFX : due to the cancellation of Rise Against earlier on the week before the festival, we had the information on sunday afternoon that NOFX would play on Rise Against’s slot. Despite announcement on the official App, social networks and at the Hellcity Square, some of you missed the show and we feel very sorry for you. We are working on a more effective information system inside the festival.

Moreover, we inform you that we will post a probe about the food places, to know what you think about it and what we could improve.

We thank you all again for your support, see you in Hell on the June 17th, 18th and 19th, 2016

Hellfest Crew.

PS : don't forget to watch our official pictures !

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