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Metodología UTD (Unified Team Diving) de Buceo

Muy buenas,
Segunda charla temática en Buceo Donosti (http://viviendoapesardelacrisis.blogspot.com.es/2013/06/charlas-tematicas-en-buceo-donosti.html) donde Mosan nos ha presentado el sistema UTD (Unified Team Diving):

UTD is both a training agency and equipment manufacturer, based in California, USA, that focuses on providing UTD/DIR/Hogarthian divers with up-to-date teaching methodologies and high standards. UTD supports its philosophy of diving by producing signature series equipment that enables divers to implement the "mixed team" diving concept.

Unified Team Diving was formed in 2009 by Andrew Georgitsis and Jeff Seckendorf. Its roots lie in DIR/Hogarthian diving principles derived originally from the cave diving community. Prior to 2009, Georgitsis had been teaching many of the same concepts within other organizations, including NAUI and Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). UTD has the additional goals of solidifying team diving concepts and creating a "thinking diver".

The roots of Unified Team Diving's philosophy and principles can be found in the Hogarthian/DIR equipment configuration and its covenants. Hogarthian was a minimalist approach to a gear configuration in the early 1990s but those that adhered to it, still kept an diving ideology of "each diver" should configure their own way.

Declared Mission/Purpose/Ethos:

UTD declares its mission to be the training of divers at all levels, including instructors, in the UTD/DIR team approach to diving. UTD delivers all its educational academic content online with an emphasis on the social nature of its web site and the building of a community of like-minded divers. Its online presence extends to Facebook, Twitter and other forums. UTD also allows access to all of its educational materials to instructors from other agencies to assist them in conducting their own courses. It declares itself to be 'inclusive' as opposed to the traditional view of DIR diving as 'exclusive'. UTD promotes a uniform equipment configuration, uniform methods of dive planning and execution, and uniform skill sets at all training levels.

Ok, ahora me toca investigar un poquito para ver si me cuadra con lo que quiero hacer y es o no otro sacacuartos como PADI.
P.D: Grande Mosan!

Actualización a 29/10/2013: Vale, ya estoy dentro del grupo de Linkedin. La vírgen! Han tardado MESES en aceptar mi solicitud y, una vez dentro, veo que no hay ningún debate ni actividad! La semana pasada abrí el primer debate. Ya veremos.

Actualización a 22/05/2014: Jooder! Esta semana me ha respondido alguién! La vírgen! Ja, ja, ja!!!
Bueno, hoy Mosan nos ha vuelto a dar otra charla sobre el tema en Buceo Donosti (http://viviendoapesardelacrisis.blogspot.com.es/2013/06/charlas-tematicas-en-buceo-donosti.html) y creo que voy a empezar a tramar algo.

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