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Generator Parties y Stoner Rock

Muy buenas,
Hace tiempo que tengo un poco abandonadillo el género pero, últimamente, me suele dar por escuchar Queens of the Stone Age.
Ok, paso a contar un poco el tema de las míticas Generator Parties y lo que es, para mí, el Stoner Rock (o Desert Rock):
The Palm Desert Scene is a group of related bands and musicians from Palm Desert in Southern California. Their hard rock sound – which is often described as desert rock – contains elements of psychedelia, blues, heavy metal, hardcore, and other genres, as well as distinctive repetitive drum beats; typically performed with electric guitar, bass guitar and a drum kit. The musicians often play in multiple bands simultaneously, and there is a high rate of collaboration between bands. The Palm Desert Scene is also notable for producing stoner rock pioneers Kyuss. The term "stoner rock" is sometimes used interchangeably with the term "desert rock." However, not all Palm Desert scene bands are "stoner rock."

Palm Desert has been named by Blender magazine as "one of the top seven rock n' roll cities in America".


The scene evolved from various Palm Desert bands' (especially Yawning Man's) marijuana-driven instrumental jams in the desert. It is largely known for its heavy, grinding riffs and association with the use of illicit substances, particularly marijuana, peyote, LSD, and magic mushrooms.These jam sessions inevitably contained some psychedelic rock influences. Possibly because of the scene's proximity to Mexico and Spanish speaking communities, there is a significant influence of Latin music on Palm Desert rock which is very evident with the El Miradors.[citation needed] Due in part to their roots as smalltime bar bands, many of the Palm Desert bands have strong blues elements in their music as well.

Palm Desert bands built a large local following by frequently performing at bars and parties in and around the isolated towns of Southern California's desert areas. The band Kyuss, specifically, performed shows at desert parties known as "generator parties". These shows consisted of small crowds of people, beer drinking, drugs, and the use of gasoline-powered generators to provide electricity for the musical equipment. Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age member Josh Homme commented that playing in the desert "was the shaping factor for [Kyuss]" noting that "there's no clubs here, so you can only play for free. If people don't like you, they'll tell you. You can't suck."



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Actualización a 05/04/2015: Hacía EONES que no escuchaba (1995) Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley!
Estoy con Odyssey! Qué buenos!

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